A couple of weeks ago, i was in Thailand, and in one of the shopping tours came across a shop selling jackfruit. 20 baht for 8 pcs, bought 3 pkts.

The fruit was so sweet and juicy, nothing like what we get here. It made me wonder if we were getting good food in Singapore, or were we being shipped the second rated stuff.

Sure money can get you stuff, but how do you know that you are getting the best value for your money?

Up to a point, the seller may not even want to sell to you. Made me wonder, how does Singapore guarantee her food supplies? (dotseng)

The way I see it, quality and supply can only be assured if you grow it yourself. I planted 4 seeds, and after weeks of watering and waiting, they finally sprouted, it was like the child has grown.

Maybe NParks could come up with a scheme for citizens to adopt a plot/fruit tree, it would serve two purpose, therapy for the adoptor, and an increase food source for the nation in times of stress. There wouldn’t be a problem of rotting fruit as there would be someone to be responsible for the tree.

And btw, is anybody looking to secure more food sources for our tiny overcrowded nation?