New ideas for SG.

This will probably not be a page turner entry. But it doesn’t discount the reality, it may well be the only post here that’s likely to pique the interest of digital archeologistas they try to answer the question: where did humanity take a wrong turn? Sometime in the distant future.

I don’t know about most of you back home in Singapore. But for me, global warming has always been a distant abstraction. Like really good sex, I guess. It’s something that everyone has read and hear about. But no has really experienced it first hand. Well not enough to really make you wonder about it for very long or lose any sleep about it, at least. As climate shift even for a farmer seems like a very distant and faraway idea.

For me the idea of fixing a hole in a corrugated roof of one of my workers commands far more urgency than trying to prescribe a cure for some giant hole somewhere in the Artic…

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