Today, I took the bum boat to ubin, cos the wife wanted to go to Chek Jawa, I thot it was rather refreshing, really back to nature, au natural.

I hope the G keeps it this way. You be surprised, there were tons of people there and there was a triving cottage industry of bicycle rentals.

My octogenerian parents came along too, they couldn’t make the 3plus klik walk so we took one of the local “cabs”. Our driver complained that now they have to pay road tax on Ubin. I wonder when the ERP gantrys will go up.

There was no super trees, just a quiet cool sea breeze that fluttered through the mangroves. The quarry was beautiful, if only they could open it up to become some day resort where you could sip beers on deck chairs.

Palms seem to grow well here, and seeing there’s so “much” land here maybe we could turn Ubin into some sort of semi-plantation for fruits, maybe even develop some kind of fruit industry similiar to Margaret River near Perth.

Mangroves here also provide a good source of crabs, mud crabs I believe. Yes we had lunch at Ubin Seafood, the boss was kind enough to let us know that they accept credit cards when he saw us digging our pockets for all the cash we had on hand. Thank goodness.

Lets build our Singapore, for all Singaporeans to enjoy.