How to increase the tfr in Singapore? Well my take on this is clearing the first hurdle, and whats that you might ask?

How much does it take/cost to bring a baby into this world – in Singapore.

When my kid was delivered in a government hospital about 8 years ago, i remember the bill coming up to about SGD8000, but that was 8 years ago. I wonder what the average bill is like now.

Sure you could use Medisave, but that only covered a portion of the bill. I still remember how I had to plan ahead on how to get the funding for the delivery and hospital stay.

I would think that many young couples face the same trials and hurdles that I did, seeing that our real wages have not gone up much.

I would like to propose that the G take charge of this and provide free maternity and delivery hospitalisation for all SG mums. Consider it a long-term investment on the country on its sons and daughters of the place we call Home.

Of course there will need to be some conditions that will need to be complied to:-

– both parents must be Sg citizens
– if 1 parent non-citizen or PR only 50% subsidy of total bill
– both parents PR no subsidy
– applicable only in G hosipital

Assuming that the average bill for hospital delivery is $10k, and the G is targetting for 40k births a year, this “costs” to G would work out to $400mln, I hope that no one would say this is a nigerian scam, but this would go a long way to show the care and concern of the G for the people.

Ronald Regan once said the first duty of G is to protect her people, I hope I will see this in my lifetime.

NDRally speaks of more Heart, I hope to see this materalise.