K, so got a bit of inspiration to write, while i wait for some stuff to finish up at work.

We all want to provide the best for our kids (as best as we can afford), i send my kids to school everyday, so they don’t have to take public transport, it was like that for me too.

We try to get them whatever they need, whatever we can see that they will require. We hold their hands when we cross the roads and carry them when they fall asleep on those nites when we come home late.

Even when we are tired, we still find the strength to go on.

For some other parents, they make the trip every week to see their child in Changi prison, even if the child has done wrong, they still realise that it is your child. They still love their child. No parent would tell their child to “repent” or “rot in hell”, even when they have done something not so right in the eyes of the parent.

But sometimes are we too protective of our children, so much so that they don’t know how to tie their laces, cut their nails, wash their army uniform, use a washing machine, order food (mee siam got no hum ok?)

The G is similiary like a parent to her citizens, the people born here are sons and daughters of this land, we will be raised here, and for many probably die here.

So my point is, parents dont give up on their kids, they do whatever they can to maximise the potential of their own children first. They dont try to raise their neighbours child, unless they have so much money and dont know what to do with the excess (or they are sleeping with the neighbours wife). They dont put obstacles in the way of their child, in fact they even try to help to clear them.

In times of need, they encourage, provide support and show love (heart).

In times of failure, they provide (hope), ok cannot make it to local U, never mind, can go abroad.

So what does the G want to be?

(this post will need some edits later, cos i got on the train n lost my trail of thots)