… is what Singapore needs. Why do people recognise brands such as Mercedes, Porshe, BMW, Heidelberg, Rolex, Rolls Royce?

In the days when Singapore was developing, our ministers were travelling overseas to attract talent as well as investments, with the investments came technology transfers that enabled Singapore to advance and avoid the steep learning curve.

It has been harder to attract new investments here as costs go up, and many corporations have shifted their operations to China, Thailand, Vietnam and more recently Iskandar Johor.

At the end of the day, it will be a $ sum game, whoever can provide the cheapest costs will get the investments and the ability to create jobs.

So where am I getting to? Attracting investments here isn’t going to be enough, everyone else can also do it. What we need to do is differentiate ourselves from the pack just as the Germans and Swiss have done, each of Brands mentioned above represents quality brands, brands that people across the world will pay premium for.

Any decent printer will only buy a Heidelberg for his printing press, why? Because of the quality, the precision, the hardiness of the machinery.

Why does our army (at one time) and many other armies use Mercedes benz trucks for their transport requirements?

Singapore needs to build on the experiences of her people, her sons and daughters, to develop the quality necessary for quality products and services. Reliance on the transient population will just not cut it. How many will actually stay to make a stand for this country, our country, my country. The experienced gained here in developing technology, workflow process, best practices, need to be kept growing here among the locals, the foreign talent will just move with all they’ve gained when when conditions don’t suit them, or when their kids reach university age and the have free university back in their motherland.

We need new ideas, lest we all end up being taxi-drivers or food court managers. (no offense meant to our taxi uncles).

So more experience, so that we may develop quality products that may one day say: “MADE and DEVELOPED IN SINGAPORE”.

Just to end, here is a video on how important experience is, the luck jar and experience jar:-8:30