The tide has turned. Today in Singapore, the Workers Party has won over the constituency of Punggol East.

One more opposition Member of Parliment to represent the voices of the man on the street.

For overseas readers, a bit about the politics in Singapore, the country is run by one main party that has been in power for almost over 50 years. So much so that they have lost touch with the ground. Imagine the ministers are the best paid in the world, the PM is paid even more than Obama, how can that be possible? When our population is only 5.3mn. If you want to serve the people, you got to serve with heart, and the last thing on your mind should be renumeration.

In football (soccer in the US), there is a group of fans that would support ABU – anything but United, and todays vote was somewhat like that, anything but PAP. Even if the WP did not run in this By-election, some other opposition party would have won it.

I’ve got to state this again, I am not a WP supporter, but I am a supporter for a better, fairer Singapore. I love my country and the people have finally wizen up. No more having spurs stuck in our hides, no more threats of withholding welfare for the people.

More changes are to come, history has been written tonite, and the writing is on the wall for things that are to happen in General Election 2016.